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We are the largest adult gymnasium in the Republic of Estonia which offers opportunities for learners to continue their interrupted road of general education from 8th to 12th grade. Our team is like one big family, where there is a humanist approach and a belief that success will be received by:

  • Inclusion and training of personnel
  • Learner-centeredness
  • Regular interviews of interest groups
  • Modern and effective leadership

During 16 years of cooperation we have created common values that have helped us to cope well in the situation of constant changes. We value trust in school relations, quality in management and learning, openness to cooperation with partners and through continuous development by that. We look forward to find new cooperation partners, up to 3 similar schools in different countries. Till now we have regular cooperation experience with schools in Finland and Latvia. If you are interested, please read the introductory brochure for our international partners below.

In case of a positive decision please send a corresponding request to the e-mail address listed below.

The first will be granted by success!


Heiki Kiidli


Our school, Tallinn Adult Gymnasium, is:

  • a successor of Tallinn College founded in 1919;
  • the biggest upper secondary school for adults in the Republic of Estonia with 1100 students;
  • a school that has survived in the vortex of changes: its name and location have been changed many-many times during its history;
  • open, which means that one can start studying in our school throughout the entire school-year if a vacant seat and a place on the list in case of vacancy;
  • friendly to people who have discontinued their studies years ago. There are some 40-years-olds among our students, the oldest graduate has been 57;
  • broad-minded concerning exceptions, every year there are students and graduates that have not fitted into regular or vocational schools because of their behavior, looks or interests and have cancelled their studies due to different reasons;
  • social, because we prefer the development of an ethical and socially active human being, who is able to cope in nowadays world, to the academic orientation;
  • supporting ideas of personal initiative, because the acknowledgement system of our school is based on valuing these initiatives;
  • one of the few upper secondary schools where there is an actively functioning student council, different competitions are held, etc.
  • open to co-operation, because since 2000 we provide free-of-charge January training sessions to our partners and since 2003 we have had regular collaboration with our partner schools in Finland and Latvia;
  • innovative, because we are inspired of quality of management since 2000 and achieved noteworthy results in that field;
  • understanding, because we create studying conditions in correctional facilitie Tallinn Prison.

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Introductory brochure for international partners:



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